4 thoughts on “2nd Engineer Battalion Reunion

  1. Looking to attend the 2nd Engineer Battalion Association’s 2015 Reunion in Myrtle Beech. Need to locate the details, please advise.

    1. I have sent the info to Ron Smoker thanks for posting on website. Ron was my CO in Korea it is a small world I will get to see him and at least 3 others I knew back then and have not seen since 1970. Please DMZ 2nd Engineers come if you can.

  2. A lot of you fellows have made the first step in connecting with the 2 IDA and looking for friends you served with. Please take the second step and become members of the 94 year old association of current and former 2 ID Warriors. Click on the MEMBERSHIP tab and follow instructions to become members. Or, you can contact me at 2 IDA Hq. at 2idahq@comcast.net I look forward to meeting you at any of our reunions!
    Bob Haynes
    HHC 1/23rd Inf. Regt.
    Korea DMZ 1966-67
    Imjin Scout

    1. Life Member of 2nd Division Association. That’s why They allow me so much leeway in my post. 2id Association is the greatest. Bob is always there to help. Join the group u will not regret it.

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