5 thoughts on “2ndBn, 9thInf 1976

  1. In Korea Dec. 1967- Dec. 1968. HHC 1/23 Blue Lancer Valley and Camp Young. recon Platoon. Looking for year book during that period. Anyone??

    1. Alan,
      I served with HHC 1/23rd IR Camp Young 1966-67 and spent the last 2 weeks at BLV.
      Don’t recall if 9th IR was our replacement??? Anyway, urge you to join our 97 year association of current and former 2 ID Warriors. The Association is now completely run by Korea Cold War/DMZ veterans!
      Bob Haynes

  2. I was in C co, 2/9 Infantry (Manchu) from 6/1976 to 6/1977, and was there during Operation Paul Bunyon. I was also assigned to the JSA, Panmunjom outfit from 78 to 79. I was 17 and 19 respectively. It was dangerous, but interesting duty. Received two Imjim patrol badges. I could count the hairs in the North Korean soldiers nose at Panmunjom. I can say I have been in North Korea. “In Front of Them All” and “Keep Up The Fire!” Manchu.

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