Active Duty

This is a page for active duty 2ID soldiers.  Send in your pictures and I’ll publish so long as:

1) You are in uniform and the 2ID patch is visible

2) You provide a caption/description of what the photo is about including dates and names of everyone in the photo where possible.

Simple, right?  Email to  OR you can try posting your photo in the comments section below.



The honor of the first photo to be posted will be of a personal friend:  SP4 Tiede and his date, taken 30 DEC 13.  He was best man at the wedding of my nephew, SGT Colton Reeves.

SP4 TIEDE and date. Take 30 DEC 13 at webmaster’s nephew’s wedding.

One thought on “Active Duty

  1. I am looking for any imformation about two korean national that was killed at night mare range live fire exercise in June 1974.Any imformation will help on this. HHC 1st Batallion 23rd inf Tomahawk~We Server Sir.73-75.So Mote It Be !!!

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