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OPB at 40

August 21, 1976

3 days after the Ax Murders in Panmunjom, the US responded with Operation Paul Bunyan.

Cpt Ed Shirron and RTO Mark Luttrull
Cpt Ed Sharron speaking to RTO Mark Luttrull (center)

A great deal of information is available concerning Operation Paul Bunyan and it is easy to find.  Much that was classified had been declassified and readily available on the internet.

For example, if you want to read the declassified transcripts of the meetings held by then Secretary of State Kissinger, here they are.  Hint:  He wanted a REALLY strong response.
OPB discussions 18Aug76
OPB discussions 19Aug76
OPB discussions 25Aug76

MG John K Singlaub was Chief of Staff, US Forces, Korea in 1976.  Do you want to know his take on the situation?  (MG Singlaub gave permission for a portion of Chapter-12  of his book Hazardous Duty to be used in telling the story of Operation Paul Bunyan back in 2001.)  In the spring of 1976

And since MG Singlaub mentioned dealings with diplomats, what do the diplomats have to say about Operation Paul Bunyan?

Care to read a 45 page research paper declassified in 1989 and released through the Freedom of Information act?  1024-Conrad-DeLateur

Want to read what I wrote about it OPB 15 years ago?

Or a great article in Air and Space Magazine about the times the DEFCON level changed? (He states the B-52s were NOT carrying nukes.  This per one of the B-52 crewmen.)

Here is a slide show of what happened before, during, and after Operation Paul Bunyan.  As a member of Alpha Manchu, this is my perspective though I have been give a few photos by friends who were assigned to the Joint Security Force.  To stop the photos from changing, move your cursor onto the photo.  You can also right-click to down load a copy to your computer.

In conclusion:  There has be a LOT written/said about Operation Paul Bunyan.  From my point of view, it was a heluva a ride and a little unnerving  at times.  I actually remember looking at some of my friends wondering who I would see die and who would see me die. With so much information out there it is easy to see that the stories are different so the truth is found somewhere in the middle.  And the story seems to grow with each re-telling.

To 2IDA:  Thank you for allowing me 6 days and 2 posts to share what I know.

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