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2ID Returns to Korea, July 1, 1965

2ID Returns to Korea

July 1, 1965


July 1, 2015 marks the 50th Anniversary of the 2ID’s return to Korea after the cease fire in the Korean War.  The 2ID played a major role in the Korean War and it was appropriate that the Division return to continue to play a major role in guarding Freedom’s Frontier. 

On that day in July, the 1st Cavalry Division was reflagged as the 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Howze which was Division HQ at the time.  The 2nd Indianhead Division Association is organizing a return trip for 2IDA members that were present at the reflagging and for other DMZ veterans that would like to go.  We anticipate a group of about 25-30 and are still working out the details.  We are working on the eligibility for participation.  We are beginning a major fundraising effort to help offset the cost for the returning veterans and need to know the level of interest in this trip.  The tentative plan is to depart Los Angeles about June 26 or 27, 2015 to return about July 3.  You will need a current passport.  If you are interested, please let 2IDA HQ know by e-mail.  Your e-mail is not a commitment, but merely an expression of interest.  The leadership of the active 2ID has generously agreed to help with planning the celebration events and perhaps some tours of the area.  2ID CG, MG Vandel and CSM Spano are already at work.  This can be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Please let us know now so we continue our planning.  

Aves Thompson

National President, 2IDA