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New Button Allows Credit Card Foundation Donations

The Second Indianhead Division Association, Inc
        Scholarship and Memorials Foundations
The new button on the top right of this web page allows you to make tax deductible credit card contributions to the Scholarship and the Memorial Foundations.  Please take advantage of this new feature to make tax deductible contributions in 2015. When you click on the button, it will ask for information, part of which is what is the purpose of the contribution. You will need to type in “Memorials” or “Scholarships” so we will know how to apply the contribution. Please be sure to add any special comments you wish to make for your contribution.  You will be able to print a receipt for your tax records.  Please contribute to the Foundations. This is a good way for you to get a tax deduction and for the Foundations to gain additional revenue.
As we all know, the Scholarship Foundation funds are used to provide scholarships for families of 2nd Indianhead Division Association veterans.  The Monuments Foundation funds are used to help maintain existing monuments around the world and to support new monuments approved by the Association.  Monument Foundation funds can also be used for celebrations and ceremonies for historical commemorations and other celebrations.  We plan to use Memorial Foundation funds to help offset the cost of the 50th Anniversary return trip to Korea in June/July, 2015.  Memorial Foundation funds will also used  to celebrate the 100th Birthday of the 2nd Infantry Division.  Plans and corporate fund raising efforts are underway to provide funds to celebrate this very important event. 
Please use this new feature and give generously. 
Aves Thompson, National President
2nd Indianhead Division Association