CIB for 1984 Panmunjom Fire Fight.

The Joint Security Area has been a part of 2ID organization structure for over two years now.  They have a long and distinct history.  For those of you who do not know about the JSA please consider visiting

Probably the last firefight between American ground forces and north Korean troops occurred Friday, November 23, 1984. (click HERE to read about it — it has been corrected). KIA and WIA on both sides.

The men who took part in this firefight were not awarded CIBs for nearly 30 years.  Some men who have earned the Combat Infantry Badge may not know it.

A JSA veteran from that era has asked for help in locating those who were part of the firefight.  SO … please read the announcement below.


To all JSA members serving in the unit on 22-23 November 1984:

Just spoke with MG Mizusawa regarding the award of the CIB to unit infantrymen serving at the time of the firefight incident in the JSA, 22-23 November 1984.

Knowing that not everyone eligible has received orders awarding the CIB, I am assisting with locating JSA infantrymen serving at that time so that orders can requested. In some cases there are unit members who were overlooked in the orders list because of limited unit manning documentation available when the request for award orders were submitted in 2000. We’re attempting to ensure everyone assigned is recognized.

So, what I am hoping to do is gather a list of soldiers serving in the UNCSG-JSA in November 1984 who have not received orders. With that MG Mizusawa hopes to get orders to those on the orders list and submit a comprehensive packet for all those names who were overlooked. (He went through this process in 2000, but without the benefit of social networking sites to communicate.)

To that end, if you were assigned to the JSA and have NOT received CIB orders, please e-mail me at with your name, rank at that time, and inclusive dates you served in the command. Please include your e-mail and postal addresses. DO SEND YOUR INFORMATION VIA THIS POST.

In the event your name does not appear on previously published orders we will get back to you on documentation that we will need to submit to the Department of the Army to substantiate a new set of orders.

No idea how long it will take to get your orders to you, but MG Mizusawa would like to get this resolved while he is still serving, so the sooner he can get the needed information the better.

Andy Hall
3d Platoon, 1984-85

3 thoughts on “CIB for 1984 Panmunjom Fire Fight.

  1. I was assigned to JSA in Noveber 84, but was not involved in the firefight, I missed it by almost a week. I shared a room (separated by wall lockers) with Mark DeVille, who just received the Silver Star, for his efforts in that fight. I was later posted as a tour guide, and then became VIP tour guide… I greatly prefered the combat role though!

    I think it’s great, that there’s some recognition, after all these years… In Front of Them All!

  2. I was dodging rounds and recall the zinging of rounds by my ears. I was with 1/38 b co and on patrol in the dmz right behind the JSA unit. We did not lay down supporting fire due to the friendlys in the line of fire. I recall the time and risk of being shot in the head. I do have the squad leader to support this truth. I found him on face book. Any advise on getting the orders would be welcome.

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