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Contact List: Officers and Committee Members

Second (Indianhead) Division Assn, Inc.

P.O. Box 218

Fox Lake, IL 60020-0218

Phone 224-225-1202


PRESIDENT: John Batty-Sylvan

1/23rd Inf Korea 1966-67


1st Vice President: Mike Alexander

HQ, 2ID Historian/Museum Director 2001-2013  Camp Red Cloud



Advanced Combat Training Academy (ACTA) Camp Sitman  1967-68



HHC 1/23rd. Inf. Regt. Korea 1966-67





Aves Thompson,

  Immediate Past President,

23rd Inf, Korea 1965-66


Mike Davino,

HHC 2ID 1985-86;

2-503 Inf 1986-87;

HHC 3d Brigade 1990-1 Korea


Chuck Groff,

9th Infantry (Manchu), DMZ


Joe Marcil,

702nd Maint. Bn & 2nd Avn. Bn.  1975-76


Bill Dennis,


2/9 Inf, Korea 1969-70




Karen Fojt

Ladies Auxillary President





Bob Haynes

Alan “AJ” Foyt

Art Pease

Gilbert D. Jackson Sr.

Wayne Steffen



John Batty-Sylvan – Chairman

Jack Woodall

Bobby Sansale

Yong Schaller

Heidi Olson



Bob Haynes



Susan Danielsen


Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Mike Alexander – Chairman

Mike Davino

John Batty-Sylvan


Legislative/Resolutions Committee

Don Byers – Chairman

Barry Napp


Membership/Public Relations Committee

Mike Davino – Chairman

Chuck Groff

Russ Holt

Jerry Conrad


Nominations Committee

Jim Warrender – Chairman

Bill Mynatt

U. J. King

Kenneth Bush


Time and Place Committee

John Batty-Sylvan – Chairman

Bob Haynes

Wayne Steffen

Barry Napp

Mike Davino



Mark Broughton


Judge Advocate/Parliamentarian

David Richmond


Sergeant At Arms

James T. Brown


Audit Committee

Moon Y. Song



Mike Alexander

26 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello,

    My name is 1LT Mike Brady, an Artillery Officer in 4-2 SBCT. I deployed with the unit ISO OEF XIII this past year. I just recieved an e-mail from you, and would like to join the association. How do I sign up?

    1. Hello LT Brady,
      Contact me via email or call me at 224-225-1202 and I can get you an application for membership. The application is also available on the web site.

      Second to None!!!
      Bob Haynes
      HHC 1/23rd Inf. Regt.
      Korea DMZ 1966-67

      1. Hello LT Brady!

        Email me at or call me at 224-225-1202 weekdays 0830 -1530 CST or go on the web site and check our the membership button! We would love to have you as a member in our 96 year old association of current and former 2 ID Warriors.
        Second to None
        Bob Haynes National Secretary/Treasurer

    2. Hello 1LT Brady,

      My nmae is Bob Haynes and I am the secretary/treasurer of the 2 ID Association. Please email me at and I will send you a membership flyer. Or, look on the home page of and find the membership button. You can join there and pay via PayPal if you wish.

      Thank you for your service with the 2 ID Second to None!

    3. Hello Mike,

      You can use our web site and click on the MEMBERSHIP button and follow the instructions to pay via PayPal or email me at and I can send you an application.
      We are always looking for fine 2 ID Warriors for our 97 year old association!!!
      Second to None!

      Bob Haynes
      HHC 1/23rd IR
      Korea DMZ 1966-67
      Imjin Scout

  2. I was in stinger platoon Charlie Btry 2-61ada 1984-85. I didn’t know what to expect from the day I arrived in Korea. I learned quickly from some of the best NCO’S. As a soldier and a person we took care of each other. When in the field or down range we had each other’s back. When I left Korea a year later I was not the same NCO, Soldier or person that I was a year earlier. I never will be. 2nd D RAISE UP! SECOND TO NONE! To the NCO’S, Soldiers of 2-61ADA continue to carry on the Dragonslayer high standards. GOD BLESS YOU ALL and the USA!

  3. Good morning, my name is Barbara Branford from Houston, Texas. I have an uncle name William Dubois Ware who was in the Korean War. Unfortunately he was reported missing in action and presumed dead in December 31, 1953. I need help, I wanted to know there is a way that I can get a copy of the medals he received while defending our country? If you could call me at 713-641-3850 i would appreciate it. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Was checking your website for information. Very nice. At one time, my uncle and my son were a part of the 2ID. God bless all the Great Americans in your Association.

    C/6/29 Arty-Fourth Infantry Division

  5. I left the 4/7th Cav at Camp Jeb Stewart in November 1969 with Theo Thomas and Stanley Meitz for Vietnam. They went to the 25th Infantry and I was put in the 11th Cav when we got there. Never saw them again. I would love to hear from them or any of the guys that I was with in the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea. i remember last names of guys I hung with named Cook from Virginia, Guidon from Ohio, Rafferty from North Dakota etc.

  6. My uncle Private Melvin e. Towner sr, participated in the battle of the bulge in dec of 1945 near as I could tell from letters home from him to my grama. He was assigned to the 38th infantry k company and served till the end of the war. I am trying to find out if anybody who would known him and how could I find out his war record or anybody that may still be living that knew him. Thank you
    Rob Towner

  7. morning,

    im french and im searching my father the fist sergeant JOHN THOMAS HAYDEN who belang to the 2IDA in 36E REGIMENT INFANTRY TRANSPORT FROM 1960 UNTIL 1967;
    his regiment was based in france in champagne area near vitry le francois ‘s city.
    he leaved france TO JOIN HIS COMPANY IN KOREA ;since this moment i haven(t any contact or news from him . PLEASE help me to find him , thanks for advance.PATRICK JOHN FABERT

  8. Served with 2d replacement from 73-75. Have purchased from the assoc. & have been very happy with the service.I’m looking for our battle flag, I have a small one that i believe are grave markers.I’m looking for something in between grave markers & the full flag.Maybe a 8/12in, or whatever the sizes are

  9. My step-dad was in the 2nd Infantry Division in World War II. Part of his military record was destroyed in the St Louis Record Center Fire.

    Since 1967 when I entered US Army service he has told me of being with the 2nd Infantry Division on D Day +1 or 2, June 7-8, 1944 invasion. He was later wounded in the Battle of the Bulge.

    His partial record from St Louis said he arrived in mid June 1944. He states that his arrival to European Theater of Operations ETO was actually in May 1944. He is now 91 years old and would like to have this record of his ETO arrival and participation in the Normandy Invasion corrected if corroborating evidence can be located.

    Is there a 2nd Infantry Division Historian who would have access to the morning reports that might verify his presence at Normandy with the 2nd Infantry Division on Jun 7, 1944? I believe he was in Company L 23rd Infantry, mortar section. If available may I please have their contact information.

    PFC Kenneth D. Barker
    SN: 35 099 388
    DOB: 04/26/24

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Richard M. Storm, M.D.
    LTC, MC
    Retired USA
    Step-son of Kenneth D. Barker

  10. I recently found out that in 2011, the 2ID was again awarded the Korean Presidential Unit Citation for, among other things, for their 60 yrs of service to the RoK. Re:
    I served in the 2nd ID, Division Support Command, from Aug 2003 thru Aug 2004, and was subsequently awarded the Korea Defense Service Medal for
    serving on active duty in support of the defense of the Republic of Korea.

    Would that mean that for those of us that served in the 2ID during the Armistice Period & Beyond 1965-2011, are authorized the permanent wear of the RoK PUC during the period cited?

    Thanks, Nelson González

    1. Hello, Nelson. No you are not authorized permanent wear of the ROK PUC, per Army Regulation 600-8-22, Table E-1. It is honorary and not authorized for wear. You can email me at if you have any other questions.

  11. Need information does anyone know/remember the actual name for RC#4 located north northeast of Charlie Block? I am an AF Vet that was in Korea 69-70 and at the DMZ for AF combat weapons training. I have been contacted by a VSO from MN about this site any help greatly appreciated. Tried to get this on the koreatourofduty site with no luck.

    1. RC#4 was a bit northeast of Charlie Block. It was next to Camp Pelham/Garry Owens in the Munsan 문산 RC#4 was a bit northeast of Charlie Block. It was next to Camp Pelham/Garry Owens. RC#1 was just east of Charlie Block. RC31 was across the street from Camp Beard. Camps Beaumont, Rice Adams and George were also in the area. The area was know as Yongjugol 용지골. RC#1 was just east of Charlie Block. RC31 was across the street from Camp Beard. Camps Beaumont, Rice Adams and George were also in the area. The area was know as Yongjugol 용지골.

  12. I sent an email inquiry a few days ago about my sister’s service in Korea 1976. I attached a photo, so maybe it didn’t make it through your spam filter.

  13. The  Korea, A Tour of Duty search function is compromised by malware that attempt an attack as soon as you try to execute a search. I was fortunate in that my Norton Internet Security suite blocked the attack, but others might not be so lucky. If is the caretaker for that site, you need to rectify that problem before someone is hurt by it.

    BTW, I’m a Gulf vet who retired after 25 years as an Air Defender in the Army Guard and reserve, and I want to thank you personally for keeping the memory of Korean War vets alive. My dad voluntarily served in that conflict, though like so many vets he never talked about it until shortly before his death at the age of 82. We laid him to rest in 2012. My Father-In Law was also a Korean War Vet, who passed away last year at the age of 87. The efforts of brothers-in-arms like you honors their memory. Keep the faith, and the good work. Hooah!

    MAJ (Ret.) Bob Parsons

  14. My dad was in 2nd. Infantry in WW2. He has since passed away. He was given a Book of there campaigns in Europe . The book has been lost and I am asking if there is a way to purchase another. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. My name is Delbert warden. I served with the 1/23rd bravo co. A cohort company that first got together in fort being in May of 84,went to. fort Lewis as the 2/23rd, then to camp hovey and the dmz. I would love to hear from those who served with me and give a shout out to all who served with the 2nd id

  16. I served with the HHC,1st Bn/38th Infantry on Cp. Hovey FOR 1YEAR and 13 days then I served with HHC,1ST Bde and I was also attached to HHC,2ID to participate in SJA activities for 2 years and about 1 month. This was during September 1979 until October of 80 for my first tour and then 83 to 86 for my extended 2nd tour.

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