DMZ Vets

A strip of land 2 kilometers to either side of the military demarcation line and running approximately 151 miles  from east to west is the demilitarized zone otherwise known as The DMZ, The Zone, and/or The Z.

This page is for the DMZ Vets.

Use the comments section below to share your memories about the DMZ.



Camp Liberty Bell, 1967
Camp Liberty Bell, 1967. I was stationed there in 1976. It looked different then. Paved roads, permanent buildings, gate, and a fence. A, 2/9. If you were ever assigned to Camp Liberty Bell, send in your photos. –WebMaster–


Imjin Scout
Imjin Scout from DMZ vet Walton “Wayne” Segree who served in B Co, 1-38 Inf in 1967-1968
IMJIN Scout from DMZ vet Walton “Wayne” Segree who served in B Co, 1-38 Inf in 1967-1968


NK Propaganda
NK Propaganda from DMZ vet Walton “Wayne” Segree who served in B Co, 1-38 Inf in 1967-1968
NK Propaganda.
NK Propaganda from DMZ vet Walton “Wayne” Segree who served in B Co, 1-38 Inf in 1967-1968
opb after 1
After Operation Paul Bunyan … waiting in case KPA reacts.

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    1. No U.S. units control any of the OP’s or GP’s any more. There is limited duty at JSA for our troops is all anymore. Visit us on FB at 2ID association or Korea DMZ veterans or Imjin Scouts

    1. I am not sure, I think it still was in the winter of 1981. I was at GP Oulette. HHB 1st of the 15th field artillery. I was attached to 1st of the 38th infantry. We were the “bushwackers” Thank you for your service. I enjoyed most of my tour in Korea, but I am very proud to have served there.

      1. I’ve been looking for a SFC Mitchell which served up in the DMZ from 1-38th In Bn around that time. Would very much enjoy hearing back.

    2. OP Oulette and OP Collier were in the US Sector. I was there 81-82, 84-85, 89-90. Please check out my post in “searching for”

      1. Hello Tom I was at camp liberty bell from 1981-1982 got my sgt stripes there me and my roommate was roy vengas we were right next to the 4.duce hut . do you remember me .We had a crazy co who hog tide bear nick name threw him in a turtle ditch because he was drunk and out of control. The first sgt was a big bald guy bushy mustache

    3. I also served on the DMZ 68-69 with Co. A 2/23rd infantry. I remember being in a firefight on 20 April 68 on GP Gladys. Came close to getting killed when the first NK rounds hit just in front of me and the stones kicked up and hit me and another both in the face. We were so young and very lucky that day. Regards to all who served there….Mario Pacella

      1. Hay Mario,

        I spent a lot of time on GP’s Gladys and Ann in 65 & 66. I have a few photos taken on Gladys and one of the Mayor’s house. Do you have any to share?

    1. Rifle Platoon Leader, A Co, 1st Bn 31st Infantry, Camp Greaves, Korea, January 1975, February, 1976. Still have my Gunfighters belt buckle

      1. Sanford Beyer,

        I believe you were my platoon leader in A Co. 1/31st Infantry, 2nd Platoon. I was your driver. Drop me a line would enjoy hearing from you.

    2. i was at camp liberty bell in 1975-1976 co. b 1-31 mechanized inf.iwent on quite a few patrols on dmz msr and fence i am looking for someone who remembers defoliants being sprayed on dmz in1975 i have come down with parkensons diseasa diabetos abad thyroid and shaking syndrom icould use the help from a fellow veteran who served at this time thankyou

      1. What platoon ? I was in 1st platoon Leon valentine 1st sgt? Chuck stecker?
        You really have these symptoms ?

      2. My name is Stanley T Williams. I was stationed on the DMZ from Jan.,1975 until Feb.,1976. I was assigned to what was called Camp Bullseye Korea,Co. C 1st Bn. 1st and 31st Mecanized Inf. Div. I remember defoliants being sprayed on the DMZ during my time there. Spent a lot of time on GP Collier and Olette. I also need someone who remember the incident during a military training exercise when some of our soldiers drowned attempting to cross the Imgin River in our amphibious armored personnel carriers (APC’s). This incident was posted in the stars an stripes when we were there, but they can’t seem to locate it. I think it’s hidden somewhere in Washington DC. I am in Birmingham,Alabama and you can call me anytime. Maybe we can help each other out. I’m still having nightmares from those 13 hardship tour months. Stanley T. Williams 205-317-2568.

        1. I served with the 1st or 31st Bearcats from 1976 – 1977 also went on patrol on DMZ drove APC across River to DMZ. Suffering now from prostate cancer diabetes and lipomas they have not allowed as to receive medical complications from Agent Orange

          1. Co. B 1/31st Liberty Bell under Captain Fleming, Ltc. McFadden, Col. John Tower and “The Gunfighter” General Emerson. Distinguished Honor Graduate basic leadership course 1-22-75 at Camp Greaves (big deal). Drilling all day in camp and then a little bit of drilling in the ville overnight. Rookies spent the night polishing boots and starching fatigues. Thank GOD for houseboy.
            Best buds Dave Bates, Ohio; Little Larry, LaPuente, Ca.; Visited the 60 range every chance we got. Did patrols in the Z(lock and load), time at Collier and Oulette. Happiness is a warm gun. Cooked Ramen on diesel heater. Learned that from Katusa. Girls bands singing rock music and mangling the words. Oh yeah, served my country.

  1. HHC, 1/31st Camp Howze 1980, C Co, 1/9th Inf, Camp Greaves 1981-82, HHC 3rd Bde, Camp Howze 1982

    1. Hello Mr. Tyler Wilson:
      I served in the same outfit you indicated(HHC,1/31st Camp Howze) from August 1979 to August 1980. I’m reaching out to you for any information about the freedom bridge and the rock soldiers that patrolled that area. Please contact me at 919/638-5489c or 984/219-6369h.
      Please reply as soon as possible.

      Kenneth W. Bell

    1. Hi Billy , can you maybe tell me where Co. B 2nd eng ( combat ) Bn,2nd Inf Div was located while you were in country ? i was with Co. B 2nd Eng combat Bn from Jan 1967- Feb 1968 and at that time our compound was across the road from RC#2 camp McGovern at the village of Noe’p Dong . During my tour my company spent from March of 1967 through Dec of 1967 performing various operations such as clearing mine’s along the south tape, erecting a section of the barrier fence , work on and around guard towers along the DMZ. We were ambushed in late August of 1967 on the south tape resulting in 3 gi’s killed, 16 wounded from another Eng unit unit working next to my platoon . please feel free to contact me anytime Billy. contact info : or call Larry Sigmon ,imjin scout at 517-420-2430 ……………

      1. 2nd Engineers Combat Battalion Association
        Myrtle Beach Reunion April 30 – May 4 2015
        Landmark Resort 1501 South Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC. 29577 1-800-229-7295
        Contact Don Perkison (((972//862//3997))) or cdhp3 (at) for additional Information
        Open to all Vets that were ever assigned to the 2nd Engineers

        Jim Quibodeaux
        620 Palm Drive
        Placentia CA 92870-2327

    2. I was stationed at Camp Peterson (Hq. & Hq. Co. 2nd Engineers) from Aug. 68 – Nov. 69. Low Boy driver in Heavy Equipment. Looking to share some pictures with another 2nd engineer.

      1. 2nd Engineers Combat Battalion Association
        Myrtle Beach Reunion April 30 – May 4 2015
        Landmark Resort 1501 South Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC. 29577 1-800-229-7295
        Contact Don Perkison (((972//862//3997))) or cdhp3 (at) for additional Information
        Open to all Vets that were ever assigned to the 2nd Engineers

        Jim Quibodeaux
        620 Palm Drive
        Placentia CA 92870-2327

      2. Hey Jerry, I was with the HHC 2nd Eng 65-66 do you remember the name of the village near your camp? I do not know the name of the camp but was near the 44th surgical hospital. I am Wayne Lambert,Thanks

    3. 2nd Engineers Combat Battalion Association
      Myrtle Beach Reunion April 30 – May 4 2015
      Landmark Resort 1501 South Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC. 29577 1-800-229-7295
      Contact Don Perkison (((972//862//3997))) or cdhp3 (at) for additional Information
      Open to all Vets that were ever assigned to the 2nd Engineers

      Jim Quibodeaux
      620 Palm Drive
      Placentia CA 92870-2327

    4. A Co @nd Engineers 69-70

      2nd Eng Reunion in April /May 2015 Contact me for info
      The CO from A Co plans to be there along with a few others from this time frame.

    5. A Co 2nd Engineers 1969 -1970 Camp Wagner. Contact me 972.862.3997 or Facebook group Army 2nd Engineers.

    6. i also was in A co 2nd combat eng. in 68-69 . i dont remember your name i wish i could see your pic. i keep in contact with MOTTS, WIGGINS BRADLY, CORTEZ. HE LOST A LEG FROM A MINE. AND BOVIE.

  2. There Nov. 67 till Dec 68 with Co. B 2/38 Bn. 2nd. Inf. Div, Camp Clinch while north of river and BLV. south of river. I was on fence, towers, and patrols. Went to ACTA then became Arms room Sgt. Came home with TB. but alive.

  3. Stanley, I was in Company C 3/23 67 thru 68, Mayors House , Ambush alley, Train, barrior road, G.P. Gladys call me at 1-440-293-6422 would love to have a duty sheet.leave a message George

    1. George, I was at GP Gladys with C Co. 2/23d Mechanized Infantry from about June ’69 to Nov ’69 at Camp Greaves. We were South of the River at Camp Wilson and rotated with the 3/23d. I have some great pictures of Gladys and the Mayors House I’d like for you to see, if you have not already seen them on one of the sites I have them posted on. I’v love to talk to you sometime too, my number is 561-351-6786 in South Florida.

      1. Hay Mario,

        I spent a lot of time on GP’s Gladys and Ann in 65 & 66. I have a few photos taken on Gladys and one of the Mayor’s house. Do you have any to share?

    1. John de angelo
      Co. B 2/ 23 infantry Mechanized
      Apr 67 – June 68

      Sorting out camp names – we rotated back and forth to zone
      Camps Wilson ? Layton ?

      You ?


      2. John, I was with C Co. 2/23d Mechanized Infantry at Camp Wilson & Camp Greaves in the summer/fall of ’69. We rotated with the 3/23d. How long were you at Wilson? I remember little about it & have a few pictures I’d like to share with you and have some other questions.

    2. Hey Brother, I was in the same unit, arrived May ’69, must have just missed you?! arrived at Camp Wilson, where you must have just left? We need to talk! I’m in South Florida, where are you now?

    3. Hey, Fred…..I was with C Co. 2/23d Mech inf from May ’69 until about Nov ’69, must have come aboard just after you. I was at Camp Wilson for a month before rotating with the 3/23d to Camp Greaves. Our CO was either Lt. John Shepherd or Lt. John F. Fay III, can’t remember which one replaced which one, but the 1sgt was hispanic, MSG Diaz. Does any of this ring a bell?

      Your name looks familiar, I may have been in contact with you before. I am retired and live in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

      1. Ron I was with you c 2nd 23rd infinity mechanism sept 68 to sept 69 Sgt dumpys platoon . Proud of being scout we went thru just a little adversity. Nothing like walking thru minefields on a subzero day with your headphones blasting crimson and clover over and over 619 944 6471

    4. 4/16 Hi Fred, I was in Co B 2/23 inf apr 67 – june 68 ,Camp Wilson. Was C co on Wilson as well or were your in Lawton ?

      John de angelo

  4. HHB 2nd Battalion, 17th Field Artillery and HHC 2nd Battalion 503rd Infantry 2nd Infantry Division, Korea APO SF 96224 I was station in Korea for Aug 1984 to Dec 1988 Korea (4 1/2 years) 79D30/00R3/4/79S40, SFC E-7 Career Counselor NCO

  5. Served at Camp Howze 78 to 80 with Echo company 1/38th TOW company and then with CSC company 1/31st TOW’s. Served at Camp Casey 82 to 83 with 1/17th (M) Aco weapons platoon (TOW’s). Served at Camp Hovey 1/38th Inf CSC Company 3rd AT platoon section Sergent 3rd section from 1984 to 1986. Served with 3rd BDE TOC ( tactical operations center) was a shift leader from 1986 to 1990. Served at G2/G3 Camp Casey 2nd division HHC 2x as division schools/ range control. In all had nine rotations to the dmz with 385 patrols inside the dmz while on the mission. best of times in 2ID South Korea.

  6. Was with B Company 3rd of the 23rd when I first got to Korea……The whole unit moved across the Injim in May of 1966 and I stayed there until December 1966 when I can home. Was in the Weapons Plt, Line Squad, did patrols, OP/GP duty…..Got acting Sgt in (I think) Aug of 1966 kept it until I left……….Our compound was Camp Clinch I believe….Drove over Freedom Bridge many a day……….Went over Libby Bridge, but that ville was super small…………Would really like to meet my bud’s from Korea…Bill Skanges, Charles Jones, Zane Jones, Floyd MacCain, Ron Lambert,see how they made out

  7. 11C here. I was stationed at Camp Greaves in the Summer of 1986 and assigned to Charlie Company, 1/9. Uncle Sam decided that unit needed to be elsewhere so we became Charlie Company, 1/506 before I left in Spring 1987; out 2mos. early on the Gramm-Rudman Force Reduction Act.

    1. 3rd squad, 2nd Pltn,Bravo Co. 2/9 (Manchu) reactivated at Cp Casey in 1975. We wore that ugly buckle everywhere while in uniform…and proudly! In the spring the battalion moved up to the DMZ and backed up the TOC until it was our turn to patrol inside the wire. Those pre-fab buildings were just as cold as the quonset huts on Cp Casey. What I always wondered was why no bunkers around the billets. I made the minimum patrols to earn the Imjin Scout award before I left.

    2. I was in B Co. 1/9th Inf. Started out at Camp Hovey in 78 and took over the DMZ in late 78 to 79 Camp Greaves. I am looking for a buddy letter to help with my claim for an assault that happened in Sep/Oct 78 at Camp Greaves. I was assaulted by three individuals at night when coming back from the Ville. Stole my wallet and hit me in the head several times with a rock. Suffering with residuals of TBI and PTSD. Also suffering from a rare autoimmune disease after moving to the DMZ related to Dioxin from Agent Orange spraying. If you could help in any way, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  8. Served with A Co 3rd Bn 23rd Inf 2nd Inf Div from 02/26/68 to 08/15/69. Spent 10 months on the DMZ running patrols. I was on patrol with SSG Richardson when he was shot in the head in Oct 68. Also, I was with the patrol that went to help the soldiers that was shot at while replacing MDL markers on 03/15/69. One was killed outright, others died when the MedVac helicopter crashed at Jane Gate. If you were there during that time period, I would like to talk with you.

    1. I was with your sister unit, the 2/23d mechanized Infantry during some of the time you were with them. I arrived at Camp Wilson 5/69, rotated with you guys around 6/69 to Greaves. We had GP Gladys, it looks like yours was Jane? What Camp were you at when you rotated south with us?

    2. I was the medical officer with HHC, 1st Bn, 9th Inf during much of the same period of time. I do remember, shortly after arriving in country in August or September 1968, a GI killed by a head shot and brought to our dispensary. Do not recall the name so cannot be certain it was SSG Richardson.

    3. Was on CQ duty that night. Made a 3″ reel to reel tape as the night went on. The Company C.O., a 1st Lt. came to the CQ when word was first received. Still have the tape after 49 years. Sgt. Dennis P. Urban Co. B 1st 9th 2nd Inf. Div.

  9. I was stationed at Camp Sabre 2id 2nd 5th 38th Artillery from Nov. 1969 – April 1970. We helped the infantry by guarding the Imjin River in fox holes just before Libby Bridge. We also spent time in the DMZ.

      1. I was at Camp Sabre Nov 1965 to Dec 1966….7th battalion 17th infantry division….FDC in Headquarters Battery….village was Pomkoji..know anyone from that era….I live in New Jersey…

      2. I was in B btry 7/17 from 2/68-5/69 my name is John Francis I was a crew chief of the 105 towed howitzer. I went to ACTA in Aug 68. Have not been in touch with anyone since I ets’d in 5/69. I live in Staten Island New York I am collecting for agent orange and ptsd hope to hear from you. my email is.

  10. Hello,

    I was at Camp Liberty Bell from 1971-1972 and I’m looking for any member that was there at this time. May contact me by e-mail or call me at 864-963-4941.


    1. I served from Jan. 1971-Feb. 1972. Stationed most of the time at Camp MacKenzie. We patrolled the DMZ. My unit was Recon Platoon, HHC, 2nd/9th. Give me a call if you like. Lee Smith/ 209-988-8832

      1. Hi lee I was in headquarters co 2ed/9th dec 68/ March 69 , I have forgotten the name of my compound , and village outside of compound. Can you help?

  11. Served with A Co 3/23 Inf from 02/26/68 to 08/15/69 as a 11B. Spent 10 months in the DMZ conducting patrols. I would like to hear from anyone that served with A Co during that time period.

  12. B 2/9 inf. July 1969-August 1970 We spent all of our time north of the Imjin River. I’d like to hear from anyone in the unit, especially Bliss and Murray, who killed a North Korean in the DMZ. Keep Up the Fire

    1. Hi Arden. I was In headquarters co 2ed/9 th inf dec 1968 to March 1969 , I drove a 5 ton to dmz with guards, to camp Casey for supplies , and village to get help for kitchen. I was in camp beavers 1966/dec 67 , was 17 first time in Korea. Mos 64b20, I don’t know the name of the camp in 2ed/9th , can you help, was it camp greaves? I know that when I crossed the river their was a village. I am presumed ao and do get va disability. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello , I was at liberty bell then . I remember you I think , I got my – e-5 there and shared a room with roy vengas , I remember the co tied up a guy by the name bear was his nickname and throw him in a turtle ditch over night drunk of his ass.

  13. Served as XO and C Trp Co, April 69 to May 70, at Camp McKenzie, south of Freedom Bridge. Spend many many days on the DMZ,

    1. Dmz, freedom bridge, rotated often severalcamps HHC2nd 23rd (mech) 2nd Inf. Div. was clearing country,freinds partyin in ville, racial event at gates of Camp Mckinzie, Jan. 71 Blue moon club.Anybody remember tradgic event

  14. I was with A 2/9 at Liberty Bell. We relieved 1/31 in March (?) of ’76, and I was there until DROS in the end of July that year. Some of my platoon mates were Adamiak, Redd, Klarich, Gaxiola, also remember Mullenix, Williams, Nixon, Aione…
    Would love to hear from anyone in Alpha Manchu from that time,

    1. Hi guys — I was part of HHC, 1st Batallion, 9th Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division (“keep up the fire!”) from April 1969 to May 1970. Part of two squads that wielded Redeye missiles. I can’t quite recall the location (Camp Custer?). Parts of our gig were constant guard duty around the missile storage facility and atop a local ‘mountain.’ (Pong So San)
      Spent a lot of time in Yong Ju Gol…yes. My best to all

      1. Mr O’Keefe, I am a vet and served in Korea as a Manchu 2/9 2002-2003. I’m helping the family of a deceased vet learn about his service and try to find his unit and maybe someone who knew him. I have a picture with an unusual patch on his arm & she says he was a Redeye in Korea in roughly 70-71 so I am hoping you might remember the unit. I have been looking at thousands of patches and insignias from the era, mostly Field Artillery, Air Defense. If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to possibly provide some comfort and pride to a lost vet’s family, please email me at and mention Korea or Redeye. Thank you, I hope this finds you well. Thank you for your service.

  15. Camp Sabre..2nd INF…Hq 5/38 Field Artillery…survey section…1969/1970…ACTA / IMJIM SCOUT grad….. DMZ fence….NCO Academy……in a concrete side walk outside the common latrine found the name of my small town DENHAM SPRINGS, Louisiana…never found out who wrote it……………..

    1. I was at camp sabre from 11/67 to 12/68 at that time it was c btry 7/17 we also took turns with other units setting in fox holes along the imjim river . I was there when the navy ship the pueblo was over ran and taken by north korea

      1. third platoon A company 1/9. In was there 12/66 to 3/68. I got extended because of the pueblo. They also loaded some of us to send to the mid east for the 1967 war. Thankfully the isrealis finished it before we were wheels up

      2. My name is John Francis I was a cpl in B 7/17 from feb 68-may 69. I went to acta in aug 68. I remember doing guard duty along the Imjin many times. I loved my time there

        1. Hi John,
          We are a 97 year old association of current and former 2 ID Warriors and are always looking for new members to carry on the tradition. We are now completely run by Korea Cold War/DMZ veterans like you and I. See our web site for membership. Second to None!
          Bob Haynes
          HHC 1/23rd IR
          Korea DMZ 1966-67
          Imjin Scout

    2. Hi Keith, I was an artillery surveyor too, from 2/67-4/68, 1/15 Arty at Camp Pelham next to a village called Sonyuri. At the other end of the village was RC4. My tour was extended due to the Pueblo incident. Thankfully it was only a month. I did very little surveying. Most of my time was spent as a driver for the Donut Dollies. They were also housed at Pelham, and the donuts were made there too. It was only a few years ago that I applied for and received the Korean Defense Service Medal. I also understand that I may be eligible for the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. Do you know anything about that, as you would be eligible too. Sam

      1. Sam:
        I was with Charlie 1/15 from Dec 1968 to Feb1970. Support the 1/38 inf. I sent there because of pending release of the Pueblo. Know the village and RC4. Also was in zone when the 1/23th was hit in March 69.
        I know that some guys who serve during this time period in the DMZ are now eligible for a CIB.
        I go the AFEM Korea when arrived in country in Dec 1968.

    3. Mr Wheat, I am a vet and served in Korea as a Manchu 2/9 2002-2003. I’m helping the family of a deceased vet learn about his service and try to find his unit and maybe someone who knew him. I have a picture with an unusual patch on his arm & she says he was a Redeye in Korea in roughly 70-71 so I am hoping you might remember the unit. I have been looking at thousands of patches and insignias from the era, mostly Field Artillery, Air Defense. If you wouldn’t mind taking a moment to possibly provide some comfort and pride to a lost vet’s family, please email me at and mention Korea or Redeye. Thank you, I hope this finds you well. Thank you for your service.

    4. Served primarily with C Battery, 5/38th, 2Inf Div. as XO and BC, and HHB 5/38th, 2Inf Div as G2….time line 1969/1970

  16. NOV76-NOV77 Alpha Manchu, 2/9th, 3rd platoon and Arms room & Camp Liberty Bell.
    I see Capt. Keller posted here! Hope is well sir. I talked to Gary Powell, (HQ Driver), my best buddy at liberty bell just this past summer. Remember lots of names and stories from back then. I knew George Garcia, Nelson Tenney, Brewster, Gonzales, Cardona, Ruiz, and many more. I remember we were on Patrol in the DMZ New years day 1977. We came across a stream half frozen we had to cross. Ruiz, our RTO, tried to jump it , slipped on the ice and slid right into the water. He was soaked and freezing. We each took off one article of clothing to give him a set of dry clothes. The patrol was called off and we booked back to liberty bell. We did laugh our asses off, then, and later drinking beer and talking about how funny it was. Does anybody remember the latrine over flowing on to the floor and we hand use entrenching tools to literally shovel the crap into buckets to clean up!! Any Way. Keep up the fire you old Ex-Manchus.

  17. A / 1/ 9 Camp Hovey, 1973-74, served as Supply Clerk with Sgt. Plummer. I thought everyone was a drinker or a stoner. Probably too much information, but we had a great time.

  18. Camp Greaves oct.1970-nov 71. Last to pull fence duty before koreans took over. Rest of tour on guard duty at entrance to dmz and op’s in dmz. bravo co. 1/17th {M} I Am on face book.

    1. I read your post about being the last unit before the Koreans took over. I wasn’t aware that it was then that things were turned over. I was with C Co. 2/23d Mech Inf in the summer/fall of 1969, from about May to Nov, first at Camp Wilson, south of the River and then at Greaves. Our GP was Gladys. Was the turnover from when the 7th Division went home? Do you know anything about what happened to GP Gladys? What unit were you with? Where did your unit go? What other units were involved? Thanks for any information. I am retired in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and my phone number is 561-351-6786.

    2. Hello I was with C co 2/23rd Camp Greaves, arrive 2 Jan 71. Don’t remember the first GP I was on but it was west from Greaves. Do remember that pill box and tower down where the fence met the river. When the hawk came through like to froze my nuts off. Do remember OP Oulette and OP Collier the bridge and of course the fence.
      Later in that year (fall I think) became C co 1/17th then moved to Camp Mackenzie but continued duty across the river same as you. Stayed in country till end of Aug 72. Here’s a flash back see if you remember. Summer of 71 at the bridge barracks was a big mud hole. A fully loaded M113 was sunk by me in the mud hole that was only supposed to be 3 ft deep according to the LT. Sunk it clean out of site only the top 6″ of the antenna was showing. Nearly drowned.
      Hang in there

      1. I’m the guy who swam out and hooked the cable on. You are lucky you didn’t drown. And that water was damn cold!

    3. Not sure what you mean by “Last to pull fence duty before Koreans took over.” I was at Camp Greaves, C 1/31st, from Mar 75 to Apr 76. I pulled plenty of fence duty. I remember our bunkers were numbered 126, 127, 128. We rotated monthly with the other companies for fence duty, GP’s (Collier and Oullette), and DMZ patrols.

  19. was in the zone 1968/1969 can’t remember places or names need help …2nd or 3rd battalion 23 mech Inf, 2nd Inf Div was an armor Lt serving with an Infantry Co can’t remember if it was Freedom bridge or Libby or the name of the camp it was in site of the bridge on the north side . also can”t remember the OP..may have been Beryl…any help would be great…thnx

  20. 3rd Plt. B Co. 1/9 Inf. Camp Greaves Nov.1981-1982, would like to hear from fellow Bravo Manchu’s..WETSU! Keep up the Fire!!
    Third Heard Professionals- Live By Chance, Love By Choice, Kill By Profession.

    1. I was in Camp Greaves in 82-83. Spend a few months guarding Freedom Bridge and time in underground in a hill on the DMZ. Saw President Reagan visit the DMZ

  21. Looking for long lost brothers, fello grunts Damn good men I served with at Camp Greaves in NOV 81- NOV 82. I lost my pictures during a divorce and still remember some of you guys after 33 years!
    Here are a list of people that I remember. SPC4 Reyes, 1st SGT Fowler, Plt Sgt. SFC Skillicorn, SSGT Larry Armstrong from AL, SSGT Reed,SPC4 Armstrong, PFC Tinsley from Michigan , PFC Robert Lasalle from MO, SPC4 Pena from Chicago, SPC4 Miller and many more that i can barely remember. Hope all is well with all of you!

  22. I served with at Camp Greaves in NOV 81- NOV 82. I lost my pictures during a divorce and still remember some of you guys after 33 years!
    Here are a list of people that I remember. SPC4 Reyes, 1st SGT Fowler, Plt Sgt. SFC Skillicorn, SSGT Larry Armstrong from AL, SSGT Reed,SPC4 Armstrong, PFC Tinsley from Michigan , PFC Robert Lasalle from MO, SPC4 Pena from Chicago, SPC4 Miller and many more that i can barely remember. Hope all is well with all of you!

  23. 2nd Engineers Combat Battalion Association
    Myrtle Beach Reunion April 30 – May 4 2015
    Landmark Resort 1501 South Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC. 29577 1-800-229-7295
    Contact Don Perkison (((972//862//3997))) or cdhp3 (at) for additional Information
    Open to all Vets that were ever assigned to the 2nd Engineers

    Jim Quibodeaux
    620 Palm Drive
    Placentia CA 92870-2327

  24. Hi All!!!
    Just wanted to let you all know that we have a large stock of 2 ID merchandise including Imjin Scout pins, patches, caps and t-shirts. All are reasonably priced! We are also adding 31st Inf. Regt. pins and 503rd Inf. Regt. pins. If you don’t see what you want on the merchandise page, contact me!
    Bob Haynes
    Secretary/Treasurer 2 IDA
    President Greater Mid-West Branch
    HHC 1/23rd Inf. Regt.
    Korea DMZ 1966-67
    Imjin Scout

    1. Hi, Bob
      Good talking to you today. I was in the 2nd Bn 71st Arty station at 696 company Korea. near Camp RedCloud. I may plan a trip up to see you in the future. Will call first and let you know.

  25. 2/9 Manchu Warriors replaced 1/31 in Mar 76. At Liberty Bell, DEROSED Aug.
    Under Capt Keene (Moses, always promising to lead us to the Promised Land). Man that guy had long legs! Catch me on FB to chat.

  26. I was stationed at B co., 1/31st Infantry (M) at Camp Edward (E) during 1985-1986. Can anyone please tell me what happened to the camp? I can’t find shi#, it’s as if the place never existed. Nothing. Any updates would be greatly appreciated. Tony*

    1. Hi Tony – I was there in 85-86 as well My understanding is that most, if not all of the Camps in that area were decommissioned. “In 2004 Camp Edwards closed and preparations were made to transfer ownership of the facility to the Republic of Korea. This transfer was completed in 2005. Mention of this shift was made in US-ROK Land Partnership Plan in 2002, when the expected date of closure was 2007. At the time the plan was for the fuel facility at Camp Edwards to be maintained by the US Military until the closure of Camp Greaves and Camp Giant, both planned to be closed in 2011. These facilities were also closed in 2004.” You can find more information on the camp here:

  27. 16 months @ Camps Liberty Bell and Camp Greaves with 1st Bn, 9th Infantry (MANCHU) November 1979 to March 1981. Keep Up The Fire!
    R.I.P. S.F.C. Thomas L. Anderson; you are a far more brave and honorable man than all those cowards who have scapegoated you these many years!

  28. My name is Guadalupe Garcia and I was stationed in Korea with the 1/31 (M) INFantry B Co, from 1980-1981 and was in the DMZ in 1981 for 75 days our battallion Commander was LTC Timmons at the time. If there is anybody that was there with this company please shoot me an e-mail. The Mad Dogs

  29. Stationed Camp Pelham, Sonjuri 1970/1971. 7/17th Field Artillery(105), was in HQ, commo. Unit designation changed to 2/17th after returning to states. Makes connecting with old friends and quanset hut buddies difficult. “Oye Fermin”, miss you friend.

    1. Hi Jim McFarland .the kid 17 at that time b battery gate guard ,red eye in back did not get to 4papa 1 till February. Did mortar pool duty U. P guard do not hear from other g I s I have agent orange typ 2. Dib. E d ,hearing. Jot. 30% so far do u remember some one getting nock out of a jeep coming off the D . Going to pick the kp s. Did you typ up my latter for turning in mr sho. Or wow something like that ,I got 3 days off went to sole. 313 702 0956. Michigan leve your name & ## I will call you back good luck

  30. I began in country March 1st-1970 at Camp Lawton. I am not sure if it was Bravo or Charley Co. but after entering the gate our side was to the right and my hooch was the first on the right after passing the little b6 type store. Good for cigs., beer and toiletries.Across the hill was the NCO and EM Club with one slot machine. While there I attended the A.C.T.A school and did well enough that in two mos. I was acting jack e-5 and made hard five three mos. later. We moved to Charlie Block later that yr. and I was in HHQ Co. Recon at I think Middle Custer. The units changed as this was during the draw down of forces and lettin the So. Koreans take over the northern camps. At Custer I do remember a First Sgt. Schorder. Having a hard time remembering names and places. Have some problems and along with meds memory is not as it was.I do have year books of both units I was in aaaaaaaaaaaand did eventually move south 30 days before ETS time.Meitzler, Ashe,Poindexter, Hanger are a few names I remember. Reply if you were in these groups at these times.

  31. Was at 4papa1 when they assasanated Pak chan hi in 80 ” 13F10 FO” on Oullet ! Was in HHB 1/38 F.A. atStanley still had marshall law in effect ” and Ginro Soju got you thru tha hard time”s STEEL BEHIND THE ROCK !

    1. I was in A Btry 1/38 TH FIELD ARTILLERY Camp Stanley’83-’84, as a E-5 , 13 Bravo Section Chief. Prior to me leaving it was renamed 8/8th Field Artillery. Spent many rotations at 4 Poppa 1 & 4 Poppa 3. I was at the DMZ on September 1, 1983, when the Korean Airlines (KAL) flight 007 was shot down.

  32. 2nd Engineers Battalion Association..

    The new President, Phil Steward has Appointed me Membership Chairman for the 2nd Combat Engineers Association.

    If you would like to Join the Association please contact me.
    cdhp3 (at) yahoo(.)com phone 972.862.3997 or Facebook Don Perkison or Army 2nd Engineers. I can send you an application..

  33. For those veterans who have served in Korea, up to 91 or possible later. Link below is to a Facebook support group called Korea – Agent Orange:

    Many, including me never knew that A.O. was even used in Korea till recently! Many of us who served especially up on the DMZ in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and even some from the early 90s, are now battling various Agent Orange/Dioxin diseases/illnesses! With neuropathy being #1 on the hit parade!

    If you believe believe your in this category, join the group! We have over 740 members now, and only been in existence for 16 months!!!

    1. I served in Korea, Uijeongbu, Hocka Marie area from Nov 1976 to Nov 1977 at Camp Essayons 6th BATTALION 37th Field  ARTILLERY 1st PLT Headquarters Battery. We were always in the field two to three weeks at a time. I was a PLL clerk, 76D10 and provided support for the motorpool and mechanics. My primary duties when on maneuvers or in the field was to provide perimeter guard for the Big GUNS  M110A1 self-propelled track. My only duties while in the field was perimeter guard lying around in the foliage that had been sprayed with agent orange. Unaware that the area had been sprayed with Agent Orange. I have mirada While stationed in Uijongbu I had to sleep when required on bare dirt ground and on one occasion and documented in my medical records I began to have a skin problem – disorder of which I have been medically treating to this day and I have been plagued by this unknown skin disorder since 1976. Only recently I became aware of Agent Orange testing offered by the VA
Sanitation conditions were less than healthy. Candidly speaking, the conditions at Camp Essayons were disgusting to include open bay showers lacking privacy, open urinals and toilets plus you had to walk to the bays in sweltering heat during the summer and freezing conditions during the winter, Monsoon conditions, or whatever the condition was, the bays were not close to where you could simply get out of bed and casually go and take a shower and shave or whatever you had to do. So much is taken for granted by all of us now, but until you experience how it was in Korea during this Post Korean War time period life was difficult to imagine.

I realize now the open bay showers and compound area within the barb wire fence and outside were a laboratory for blood born disease. The surrounding areas contained rice patties where human waste was dumped from the outhouses directly into the fields as sanitation, or lack thereof, was the norm. Raw feces and sewerage was common in village dirt roads and on a daily basis every GI who served where I served was subjected to blood born disease. Rats and who knows what other rodents shared quarters. The Monsoons brought out millions of little green frogs and the insects were as though you come sting and eat me. Looking back, Korea was a post Korean War cesspool and smelled of it.

The barracks or Quonset huts we were boarded in were what would now be considered medieval in nature. Metal half circular buildings the Army called home with oil burning stoves on each end lacking the sufficient punch or BTUsto warm winter temperatures reaching as low as -20 degrees below zero F. The smoldering hot, feces stench summer days where the temperature would be in the 90s and 100 degree plus range with only a fan to help a soldier from becoming sick. The conditions as I explained warranted general and daily issue of salt tablets and if I am not mistaken Malaria pills to treat or prevent disease.
      The Katusas workers would go around the compound spraying the chemicals (AO) on anything growing. They would spray anything that look green.

      1. 1/38 HHC and B co Feb 67 thru March 68. Korean woodcutters were clearing brush and spraying agent orange around our compound in 1967 mixed with diesel fuel. The stench was unbearable and breathed it 24/7 for months.

    2. Hi Served in HHC 1/9 Jan 1 1968 -Jan 15 1969. Supply Sgt daytime, ambush, patrol at night during Pueblo Crises. Rotated with 1/23 I think from Masan to DMZ. We got short stick as we were on zone when they quit rotating due to high risk of ambushing convoys, so spent 9 months on zone. Went to VA in 2012 after loosing job and health insurance and found I qualified under agent orange exposure criteria, shortly after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, requiring surgery. Also had major skin cancer operation on nose in 1991 before VA admitted to AO. Do they pay anything in benefits this late in game

    3. I was at Warrior Base, GP Collier and GP Oulette in DMZ once in 1979 and again in 1980.
      Have Diabetic Neuropathy in Feet, Hands & Ankles. Also have Diabetic Retinopathy in both eyes as well as mild Glochoma. Just came through throat/tongue Cancer…Have not smoked in 38 years.
      Drink almost nothing…

    1. Hi Stanley would u b at camp greaves, I was headquarters co 2ed/9th dec 1968/March 1969 , don’t know name of my comp.

  34. Platoon Leader in A Co, 1/9th Inf at Camp Liberty Bell from 5/81-5/82. I was right out of Ranger School and couldn’t believe the Infantry let me “sleep in” until 5am. Great assignment!

  35. Camp Greaves Charlie Co 1st of the 9th Infantry, Manchu 1983 – 1984 President Reagan’s Visit GP Ollette.

    3/17 7th Infantry Division Ft Ord Ca.

    Next August 2016 Reunion at Ft Ord need info


      1. Yeah dude Eco boats 2 and 3
        River rats raise up!
        You remember Fitzgerald and skaskel I was skaskel turtle boat shamers
        we kicked ass on the water old school style
        Best Clayton

  36. Bravo 1/31st camp liberty bell nov 75 till mar 76 then we moved to camp Casey ?? Memory is fuzzy . I was in 1st platoon , names I remember , Horsey, hockey, Bivens, Cook, Leon valentine , chuck stecker , tilton Huston , lt baumberger ….anyone out there ?

  37. I was in headquarters co 2ed/9th inf dec 1968/ 1969 Truck driver. I was their when n. Korea let the hostages go. We were on alert , to take or trucks to wherever that day , I went to library truckers least without me. I told one of my friends to holler at me , if he did I was asleep , ind of story except for getting demoted to pic , this was my 2ed tour in Korea. Does any one know what camp I was in? I have always regreated and embarrassed by my actions.

    1. I remember Aoki. He would check-out tools from the crib during motor stables; tell you guys to return them. Y’all would forget and he’d have to go see McGowan. Eventually, I think, he had to pay for them.

  38. 1968-1970. Not assigned to a “DMZ” unit, I was with 4/44 Arty with batteries spread out across Korea.
    Our batteries in Korea were all in 2ID area and one in I Corps.

    Sites like this are great.

  39. Looking for guys from CSC 1/31 inf camp howze rok…1983 ..84 …hulsey,Philips,gabour,. Hope u guys are well….never forgot and never will…contact me or anybody from then..just so I know it was real !! Raise up !!!

  40. HHC 3rd Bde. Camp Howze . February 1986 – April 1987. Lot of road marches or a lot running. Plus a lot of play time in the ville.

  41. I was in HHB 1/38 TH FIELD ARTILLERY Camp Stanley’80-’81 was a FO atGuard Post Oulette in winter with infantry from Camp Casey i remember floating a M113 A1 APC across the river there thank god for billage pumps,lol

    1. I was in A Btry 1/38 TH FIELD ARTILLERY Camp Stanley’80-’81, as a E-5 , 13 Bravo Section Chief. Prior to me leaving it was renamed 8/8th Field Artillery. Spent many rotations at 4 Poppa 1 & 4 Poppa 3. I was at the DMZ on September 1, 1983, when the Korean Airlines (KAL) flight 007 was shot down.

  42. I served in korea 80-81 with the 1/31st (m) inf B CO Mad Dogs. I remember Lt. Hood, my Plt Leader, squad leader Sgt Garrett, and pfc Cote. Team leader Sgt Vaimagalo. Did the 75 day DMZ mission at Warrior Base.


    2. I am trying to locate members of 2nd infantry division Charlie Co 1/38th who were in country in 69 & 70
      ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….That would be me. I came upon this web site while checking info about Freedom Bridge. I was on guard duty on the DMZ side of Freedom Bridge on the hill just to the west of the bridge when the Pueblo prisoners returned to South Korea. I left in Nov. 69 unexpectedly on emergency leave (brother died). I’m pretty sure Camp Casey was the first camp after the bridge but actually all the camps mentioned here all sound familiar so I’m not positive on the name. I was injured on a Guard Post (forgot the name) in the DMZ and had to be taken down in the middle of the night after a team was dispatched to clear the road of possible mines planted during the night by the North Koreans. It took about fours before I was cleared to be removed from the Guard Post. My friend was the medic on the Guard Post so he took good care of me while I waited to be removed…….Does any of this ring a bell??………Greg Donahue @



    1. I was in B Co. 1/9th Inf from Apr 8 to Apr 79. Started out at Camp Hovey and moved to Camp Greaves I think in Nov 78. Anyway, I am looking for a buddy letter in support of my claim for TBI and PTSD for an assault that happened in Oct 78 at Camp Hovey. Also have a rare autoimmune disease from time on the DMZ related to Agent Orange/Dioxin exposure. If you can help in any way, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  44. Served with the 1/17th, 2nd Infantry Division, at Camp Liberty Bell in late summer of 1971. We transitioned to Camp Edwards then Camp Howze. B Company, 4 deuce platoon. Harry Tinsley was CO. Anybody out there remember. Dave Kastberg (Goose).


  46. My name is William Swift………….Headquarters and A company 1st of the 23rd….
    March 1968 until May 1969………………Served in Ground Surveillance on DMZ…..
    OP Dort…………GP Johnson………………………Stationed in Korea just after the Pueblo was captured……………..God Bless the 2nd Division and God Bless America

  47. Arrived A-2/9 in Feb. ’67. Plt Ldr was Bish Getman from Cornell & Plt Sgt was Fanieul. Worked SCOSI and attended Scout School. Sent to HHC and the tool crib in the motor pool when I broke leg falling from track during rainy night in June. Became LTC McGowan[?]’s driver. Got drop; left in Dec ’68.
    Imjin Scout School was a hoot! Never could understand roving night patrols during those heavy rains.
    Played golf a lot down at Walker Village; is the golf course still there? How about the tailor shops of the Arcade at the Bondo-Chosun Hotel? Still have a Black Watch Tartan sport coat made there.

  48. Hi all you Korea Cold War/DMZ veterans. I am the national secretary/treasurer of the 97 year old Second Indianhead Division Association. We are always looking for new members and especially Korea Cold War/DMZ and GWOT veterans. The torch has been passed down and it is our responsibility to keep the tradition going. WE NEED YOU!
    Contact me at for further info or go to the home page of this web site and click on the membership button to start the process. I can walk you through it over the phone if you need help. 224-225-1202.
    I am also the president of the Greater Mid West Branch and we cover Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana and Missouri. We also invite anyone from outside those states!!! Our next branch reunion will be in July of 2016 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. All are invited!!! Also visit 2 ID Association on FB. Second to None! Bob Haynes HHC 1/23rd Inf. Regt. Korea DMZ 1966-67 Imjin Scout!

    1. My name is Glennis Cook. I was on the DMZ Korea Camp Liberty Bell B Company 1/31 INF from October 1972-October 1973. Is there any new information on Agent Orange projected cut off dates. They tell me I was there in the wrong time period to be exposed to agent orange. I would appreciate any help.

  49. Hi I left fort Benning GA and flew directly to Osan and went right to the JSA. Was there for a month or two then got sent to camp Hovey with c co 1/38 inf. this was all from 81-82. While I was there a guy named pfc Joseph Smith shot the lock off the gate at GP collier I think could have been Olett but I think it was collier, any way he defected to the north. I went to basic and AIT with him. That is something I will never forget. Was there with some really good bros. Mathew Wise, Leo Munley, Macall and Bacca, Sgt Marteniz. We had a KATUSA Lee Song Dong. Good times. If you served with me send an email we’ll talk thanks.

  50. HHC 1/38th 2nd Infantry Division DMZ 4.2 Mortar
    Served Jan67-April 1968
    There when Sgt Copp lost his life driving up to our GP when their jeep ran over
    a mine planted my the NKs. We had GP Helen (?) . We had a 4.2 mortar set up directly outside Panmunjom.

    1. Ray I was there in 1/38 HHC and later B co from Feb 67 thru March 68.
      Too much unlisted combat there then to detail this message.
      Give me a email or text.

  51. Arrived at Camp Howze early Dec. 1971 and assigned to D Battery 8/61 ADA as Senior Communications Specialist. We moved to Camp Casey March 1972 and renamed D Battery 2/61 ADA. I DEROSED back to The World Jan. 1973.
    MOS 31B30
    Two winters and two Christmas in country for that 13 month tour.

  52. CSC 1St/31St Scouts at Camp Greaves 1975 – 1976. Pro Patria! Night patrols inside the Z was exciting

  53. Camp Pelham 89-91
    1/4 FAR. 155mm M198 big guns
    Several (42 found so far ) COHORT Brothers found from original Ft Sill “Strike Force” Battery , 3/8 FAR Ft. Bragg 88-89 F 1/19 Ft Sill OSUT
    06 Oct 87 . Still several more brothers need to be found Contact me or look for Strike Force Cohort Group on FB.

    “On Guard Sir”

  54. I was stationed at HHC 1/38th Mechanized Camp Howze, just wanted to make contact with fellow soldiers who were there during that time period, who are or have experienced illnesses from any toxins, I also was with 1/9th at Camp Hovey, during 83-84, thanks take care, Sgt Juan Robledo

  55. served HHC 1/506 Dec-01 to Jun-02 with my currahee brothers ‘Stands Alone!!’ will never forget the cold thank-god for the few accommodations we had (shopette, Library, theater) got my E5 promotion at Camp Jackson shortly after 9/11.
    Was a good unit- we all made the best of it.

  56. Looking for anyone that served C. Company 1/17 INF. Mortar Plt. or company 82-83. I was a 19 year old kid on the DMZ what a trip.

  57. Sp5 L. McCaleb , served at Camp Howze, CSC 1st BN (M) 31st INF, from 81-82. DMZ duty late summer of 1981. Will never forget this time in my life nor the years I proudly served the greatest country in the world; The United States of America. U.S. Army.

  58. Hello to anyone who served from 1985 to 1986 with A co. 1st. 38th. Inf, Camp Hovey, Korea. 11B, DMZ mission and Team Spirit 1986.

  59. Former SGT Curt “Bart” Bartholomew here. In August 1976, as a member of the 329th Army Security Agency (ASA) Company (Camp Page and Camp Casey), 2 ID, I was sent to lead a Chinese-Mandarin voice intercept team for a month in the DMZ immediately after the axe murder incident at Panmunjon. We drove around the DMZ in our ancient 5/4 ton truck with a communications shelter in the cargo bed. The radios inside it still used vacuum tubes. Not a happy time, as all the military units were on a war footing. The humidity was high and the mosquitoes ate us alive. But we had plenty of C rations. We even got lost in the DMZ at one point; no portable GPS devices in those days… Applied for OCS to get out of there sooner, but had to stay the whole year first anyway. Visited the DMZ in 1989 as a China Foreign Area Officer and was surprised to learn about all the incidents there that did not get reported outside the chain of command.

  60. Stationed in ROK all of 1978 with Co. B, 2Bn, 1/31 Infantry ( mechanized). Platoon leader of 2nd Plt. later XO of HHC when battalion was moved from Camp Casey to Camp Howze. CO was CPT. Billy D Pierce and 1st Sgt. ‘Bad’ Leroy Thompson.

  61. I served on the DMZ from May 1, 1969 to June 15, 1970 with the 3rd Battalion, 23rd Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division. I was at Camp Lawton and Camp Wilson and also graduated from ACTA. I would love to hear from my Army buddies and pray you have lived happy and healthy lives. My email address is or look me up in Facebook.

  62. I was stationed in camp Hovey which was four miles from camp Casey, HHC 1st BN 23rd Inf in 1976. They rotated us to the DMZ for a two month stint at a Radar site. I was the only Medic there. There were only twelve of us up there. I don’t remember exactly what hill we were on. We had an ROC camp near us and a little village down the road.

  63. Looking for anyone who served on the DMZ 70-71 2id 1/23 Recon HQC aka Baby Freckles (code word “Buzz Off”) and the SGT who lost his arm on 106 recoilless rifle.

  64. Was a platoon leader with D Company, 2d Med Bn at Cp Edwards 1978-1979, and Cp Casey 1982-1983. Seems we all have lots of stories…
    Best Regards to all my 2d ID brothers!

  65. I was stationed at camp Hovey with company headquarters and headquarters 3rd batallion,32nd infint. 7 or 2 infant. Div. DMZ Jan. 1969 to May 1969. name is Paul Delpo, looking for other soldiers stationed there as well, need to verify I was stationed on DMZ. Currently have Parkinson’s, Vets. Admin. Have no records of my
    Being there. Any help would be helpful.

  66. S-2 NCOIC, HHC, 1/32 Inf at Camp Howze, 76-77 (Did a DMZ rotation and I have a piece of the tree)

    AH-1 Cobra Instructor Pilot, B Troop, 4/7 Cav, Camp Stanley, 84-85

  67. On DMZ 69_70 ambush walk the fence, gp’s c company I/23 2nd div sp/4 the favorite job they give me burn the shit not bad in winter

  68. I volunteered for the “Z” and served with 1/9th INF. Reg. B co. 2nd plt. NBC NCO Camp Greaves 84-85 14 months. I’ve been looking for brothers who served with me then, I have great memories, and not so great. I served in a two man recon team with “Jacks”, earning my R.O.K. RANGER , Imjin Scout Patch, going to mountain school at chejudo Island. I didn’t do very much NBC, LOL but I do miss the The Z. “Manchu Warriors” we were called , there was this time Jacks and me went on R/R down south to Seoul right around team spirit. Jacks and me got into a fight with a bunch of Jarheads what an awesome time. Their was something definitly honored by wearing the Indian head & Dragon crest, and to be called a “MANCHU WARRIOR” “Second to None” Thank you “Keep Up The Fire”

  69. B Co. 1/9th Inf 78-79 DMZ Camp Greaves. Anybody else who was assigned during this time on the DMZ develop any kind of disease from possible exposure of dioxin from Agent Orange? I have an rare autoimmune disease and trying to link it to my time on the DMZ.

  70. I was stationed at Camp Howze 1964 – 1965 with the 1st Cav Div. In mid tour, the 1st Cav’s Colors were transferred back to the states and we became the 2nd Inf Div. We traded our Horse Blanket for the Indian Blanket. We had to buy all new patches and paid to have them sewn on. Lots of gripping about that. We were detailed to the DMZ at Panmunjom several times. A couple of times I supervised the clean-up of the hut where the Joint Peace Talks were taking place. Somewhere I have several pictures of the tables with the US Flag and the North Korean Flag extended up through round holes cut in the ceiling. Each night the North Koreans would raise their flag about an eighth of an inch, the US would raise the US Flag to match the N Koreans. It was quite a joke. The North Koreans had trained a number of pigeons to land only on green buildings and they referred to them as “Peace Pigeons”. The North Koreans buildings were painted a pale green, the US/South Koreans buildings were a light blue. All of our MP’s were well over six feet tall and the North Koreans had trouble finding guards that were taller so they wore boots with lift inserts and very thick soles. Another Joke.
    Open sewer ditches, straw covered huts with stone walls around them with broken pieces of glass cemented upright along the top of the walls.
    I would not let my house girl heat her Kimchee in the hooch as the oder pervaded everything.
    When ever we had a field exercise, we were eating C-rations left over from WWII. Talking about food. The mid-west was experiencing a drought and the govt was buying the beef the farmers could not feed. We had beef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for awhile.
    I enjoyed reading the comments from 2nd Div Korea Vets. I served with the 1st Cav in Vietnam. now wear the Horse Blanket on my Right Shoulder. I now live in Titusville Florida.

  71. Hi All, I was a young country boy when I got to Korea, 1965-1966. I was assign to 1st Cav and was chg to 2nd Inf 2 Eng HHC. Like I said I was young and can not recall a lot about where I was. Now at 73 I some times wonder just where I was located. I do recall that it was a very small camp with a village about 1/2 mile away and there a a hospital on a hill maybe 3/4 mile and it was called 44th surgery hospital. I think the name of the village was something like Tong-go -ri , can’t remember . It may have been near Uijeongbu. What I would like is to know the name of the Camp and just where it is located.Thanks for the help

  72. I was stationed at Camp Casey with the 1/32nd Inf from 1973 to 1974, When I arrived there they made me an Acting NCO for the Communication Shop, the NCO who was there was leaving and they needed an NCO, things change once again for me, there were two NCO’s who rotated along with about 6 men on the DMZ on Radar Site 6, one of the NCO’s went back state side so they made me NCO of Radar site 6, The other NCO married a Korean girl there so my tour of duty was very long cause he was granted time to spend with his new bride. My MOS was 31G40, Communication Chief, I knew nothing about Radar, but I got hands on training, very lucky to have some great men up there with me and help me more then they knew.

  73. Former U.S. Army Specialist 4 Dean Thompson here.
    Served with HQ 1st Battalion (M) 17th Infantry S-3 (TOC), 2nd Infantry Division from 1979 to 1980. Main base was Camp Casey in Tong-du-Chon, South Korea.
    Arrived just in time to rotate up to Warrior Base for 1st time in 1979. Got to rotate back up for a 2nd time in late 1980. Few weeks after return to Camp Casey I was transferred to 9th ID in Fort Lewis with Alpha Gaters 2/47 INF to Drive for CO and First Shirt…Trained with 1st Platoon when I was not in the motorpool doing maintenance. 17th I was a driver and RTO. Spent a lot of time doing vehicle maintenance….

  74. I was in A Btry 1/38 TH FIELD ARTILLERY Camp Stanley’83-’84, as a E-5 , 13 Bravo Section Chief. Prior to me leaving it was renamed 8/8th Field Artillery. Spent many rotations at 4 Poppa 1 & 4 Poppa 3. I was at the DMZ on September 1, 1983, when the Korean Airlines (KAL) flight 007 was shot down. Jan 92 – Dec 92, I was assigned to Camp Jackson as a senior PLDC instructor.

  75. I was a platoon leader B company 1st of the 23rd, and arrived in Korea about five days before the Blue House incedent. A fellow OCS classmate assigned to another unit was wounded when the North Koreans began exfiltrating back . . . none made it home as I recall. Shortly thereafter Pueblo was captured. Made for an interesting tour. Rotated in and out of the DMZ for the standard 13 month cyle. Can remember well the loudspeakers making night patrol and ambush missions unnerving.

    Had two company COs during the tour: CPT Randall and CPT Taylor. One of our platoon leaders, Dennis Laurer was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with V device for leading a unit down to the MDL at night following a firefight to look for North Korean bodies. None found but it took a pair to perform that mission in pitch black. Our XO (forgot his name) was shot and wounded in the lege when walking to his TOC duty. Ultimately awarded Purple Heart.

  76. After being put on a levee for Korea while stationed at Ft. Bragg (82d Airborne), I was sent to South Korea and served with the HHC 1/32nd (7th Div) for nine month (March 1969 -Jan 1970) until my ETS. While at Hovey with the legs (only jump qualified would understand this term) around me, we served four months on the DMZ. While there the North Koreans dug a tunnel under DMZ, cane across and killed two from our Battalion. We also got paid by MPC, which is worth a lot of money to collectors now.

  77. Hello fellow warriors. My name is Delbert warden I served with the 1/23rd at camp hovey from 86-87. Bravo company, 3rd platoon. I was in a cohort regt that started with basic training at ft. Benning , ft.lewis with 2/23rd, then camp hovey. Would love to make contact with those who served with me, but also anyone who served with the 2nd infantry. Take care brothers.

  78. Hello fellow warriors. My name is Delbert warden I served with the 1/23rd at camp hovey from 86-87. Bravo company, 3rd platoon. I was in a cohort regt that started with basic training at ft. Benning , ft.lewis with 2/23rd, then camp hovey. Would love to make contact with those who served with me, but also anyone who served with the 2nd infantry. Take care brothers. My email is

  79. I served at camp hovey and on the dmz with the 1/23rd from 86-87. I still remember those night patrols on the z. Serious business. I am sorry about the loss of those brothers. My name is Delbert warden.

  80. Hello, my name is Bowoon Keum, Korean researcher majoring Korean history in Korea University. I’m currently affilated in Center for Korean Studies, UCLA as a visiting graduate researcher, and staying in Washington D.C. I’m writing for finding American GIs who were served in Korea during 1960’s~1970’s and can have an interview with me about their experience in Korea. It will be about their camp life and recognition on Koreans or relationship with Koreans for my Ph.D. dissertation. Please mail me if you have an experience in Korea during 1960’s~1970’s or know those people. Thank you so much.

  81. My father was stationed in Korea around 1970. Jimmy Dale Klatt was killed in 2007 in an auto accident and my mission is to find out as much about him as possible. I miss him every day but don’t know that much of his military career. Anything will help…

  82. Hi, I was in Korea from 10/67 to dec 69 Cmpany A 1/38 2nd infantry anyone know the name of the camp that woul have been

  83. Thank you all for your service to our country, I served as 64-C Truck driver in B Co. 2nd S&T Bn near Cp Casey, and next to 2nd Aviation’s field, from 9/80 to 8/81. I served many line units as assigned with my truck: 1/31 Cp Howze, 1/23 Cp Hovey, 1/38 Cp Casey, 4/7 Cav. Cp Gary Owen, 1/9 Cp Greaves, from QRF Cp Humphreys to Warrior Base. I was wondering if someone could tell me about the outcome of an E-6 from I think 1/38 who stepped on a landmine while his unit were searching for two NK infiltrators in early July 1981, all I heard was he had survived two tours in Nam, and had lost one leg as a result of this mine. I didn’t know him, but the incident has bothered me for years. Obviously if he survived, it had bothered him a lot more, if you know of this and feel led to share it, I’d be grateful. Again, thank you for your service.

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