Greater/Midwest Events — 2nd Indianhead Division Association

The Greater Midwest Branch of the 2 ID Association held its annual reunion August 3rd – August 5th. in northern Illinois. We stayed at the Great Lakes Naval Base (NSGL) and were VIP guests at a Navy graduation ceremony where they graduated 705 cadets. The Navy does this 44 weeks per year at Naval Station Great Lakes as this is their only ‘Boot Camp’ site anymore. The Navy puts on a great graduation ceremony along with a cannon salute they should alert us ‘older’ veterans about before they do it!!!

On Saturday August 5th we had a rededication ceremony at the Belleau Wood/2 ID Monument in Des Plaines, IL. The GMB has been working on this project for 6 months and were able to get $4,000.00 in donations for the repairs, cleaning and addition of 3 plaques and 2 large flower urns. The three plaques recognize 2 ID Soldiers that served and died during the Korea War, The Korean DMZ War and the Global War On Terror. Special guests at the ceremony and our banquet dinner included 2 IDA President John Batty-Sylvan and 2nd VP Scott Coe!!!

We also had a film crew from Armed Forces Korea Network taking pictures and movies about our ceremony and our grand banquet. They also interviewed several members about their service in S. Korea. This is being done for a 100 year 2 ID anniversary documentary that will be released in October.


We remain committed to excellence and service!!! Second to None!!!


Bob Haynes, GMB President and on behalf of the GMB EXCOM and general membership.      

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