March2017 News



Hyung Kim
A Co. 2/9th IR
Korea 1975-76

COL (R) Eugenia Thornton
Korea 1986-87
Sponsored by Mike Davino

CSM Travis Risley
Currently CSM 2nd Bgde. JBLM
C Btry. 8/8th ARTY
Korea 1993-94

Daniel J. Buksa
A Co. 24th Medical Bn.
Korea 1987-88


SFC Stephen Hunt, Sr.
HHC 1/23rd IR
Korea 1968-69

Edward Lee
HHT 4/7th CAV Korea 1973-74
HHC 2 ID Korea 1978-80

Albert E. Hume
G Co. 9th IR
Korea 1950 – 53
Sponsored by Herb Gibson

Richard McCrohan
HHC 2nd ENG Bn.
Korea 1969-70

Chris Crawford
C  Co. 702nd Maint. Bn.
Korea 1973-74

Jeffrey Steven Williams
B Co. 1/23rd IR
Korea 1978-79

James Owsley
Hq. & A Co. 702nd Maint.  Bn.
Korea 1966-68

John R. Woll
HHC Discom S-3
Korea 1969-70

Claude Hood
A Co. 2/9th IR Mech.
Korea 1967-68

Ronald L. Geist
C Co. 2/9th IR
Korea 1968-69

Milton Jose
C Co. 1/9th IR
Korea 1980-81


COL John Byers
HHC 9th IR
Korea 1952-53
Died 7/29/2012

Alfred Donadio
L Co. 9th IR
Korea 1953
Died 4/10/2016

Leo Dobbs
23rd IR
Korea 1950-51
Died 11/24/2016

Donald Kuney
15th FA
1955-57 Ft. Benning
Died 6/19/2016

Harold D. Rhoads
38th IR Tank Co.
Korea 1951
Died 11/5/2016

William C. Bowden
B Co. 23rd IR
Korea 1952053
Died 11/15/2016

William Alexander
I Co. 23rd IR
Korea 1953-55
Died 12/6/2016

James Fleck
A Btry. 15th FA
Korea 1951-52
Died 8/12/2016

Albert C. Lemcke
E Co. 23rd IR
ETO 1944-45
Died 10/15/2016

Richard Bass
K Co. 3/23rd IR
Korea 1950-51
Died 1/12/2017

Alexander Pauleuc, Jr.
2 ID Hq.
Korea 1971-72
Died 11/15/2015

Eugene W. Strine
A Co. 38th IR
1961 – 64 Ft. Benning
Died 4/29/2016

Joe Melton
H Co. 23rd IR
Korea 1951-52
Died 2/3/2017


Gus Poulos
Donation to Scholarship fund

Jon Crook
Donation to 2017 reunion/Scholarship fund

Michael and Suzanne Stadtmueller
In memory of Doyle Smith

Michael and Suzanne Stadtmueller
In memory of Ralph Hall

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