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35 thoughts on “Membership

  1. I served in Korea Aug 1951 thru Oct 1953, tank co. 23rd inf. regiment in choran valley sector, Tom pick and Harry operations and Che ju island pow camp. Would like to contact anyone in same unit and time frame. I do not remember any fellow troops!

        1. I was in Bco 122 Sig. Bn. From Feb 1978 to 1981 2nd Plt. Dinkens was the Plt. Sgt. Maybe I was your replacement 36C. Thanks.

  2. How can you go straight to paying for membership and you haven’t even verified that I was a member of 2ID?

    1. Hi Earl,

      We are a 96 year old association of current and former 2 ID Warriors and welcome you to become a member. We will need your units and dates served in the 2 ID to process your membership. A DD-214 is not required but is nice to have for our files. Second to None!
      Bob Haynes
      National Secretary/Treasurer
      HHC 1/23rd Inf. Regt.
      Korea DMZ 1966-67
      Imjin Scout

    2. Earl,
      When we receive a membership application we need have the applicant give us unit, years and location served with the 2 ID. We can identify the units and locations and generally the years where these units were.
      Hope that answers your question.
      Checking our member roster, I see that you are not and have never been a member of our 97 year old association.
      We would love to have you and all other 2 ID Warriors! Second to None!
      Bob Haynes National Secretary/Treasurer

  3. I served 2nd ID 1987-1988 DMZ Camp Giant, Korea Bravo Company, 2nd Engineer Bn. Our Motto is, ” Your Mama’s A Beast” The most forwardly Deplode Combat Engineer Company

    1. For Information only In 68 – 71(maybe longer) A and D company 2nd Engineers were stationed North of the River near RC #3. At that time we furnished a TDY tent for the other company’s personnel that worked north of the river with us. We were the only Combat Engineers North of the River. 24/7 365 days no rotation we eat, slept, lived and played north of the river spending the working Day making repairs to the roads, bridges, fence, GPs, OPs and clearing mine fields.

    1. Hi Tom,

      We have many other 702nd guys as members! You can use this web site to pay by clicking on the MEMBERSHIP Button or email or call me at Hq. or 224-225-1202 Dues are $25/year or $200/life
      Second to None!
      Bob Haynes
      Korea DMZ 1966-67

  4. 2nd Division IndianHead, Camp Howze, 1st and 17th Mechanized Infantry, Combat Support Platoon Anti Tank, 1974-1975 I am living in Missouri. We were 12 miles from the DMZ, we were their backup…TOW missle

    1. Hi Ray,

      Just spotted your post on the 2 IDA web site and want to offer you a great big welcome to become a member of our 96 year old association of current and former 2 ID Warriors!

      Bob Haynes
      National Secretary/Treasurer
      HHC 1/23rd INF REGT
      Korea DMZ 1966-67
      Imjin Scout

    2. My name is Tyrone Floyd. I live at 210 N Massachusetts Ave, Atlantic City, New Jersey. I’m looking for information concerning my time in country 1980-1981 on the DMZ. My unit was 2nd Infantry Division, Camp Casey 1-17 Mechanized Division Buffalo Country. Question: Were the guard posts called Olette and Collier? Looking for anybody that ran patrols om the DMZ from 1980 to 1981. Specifically, I’m looking for the name of the Commander of the 1-17 Mechanized Division. If you do not know could you put me in contact with somebody that might know? Thank you for your help.

  5. i was an 11B – 11C served as an f.o. and chief f.d.c. for. A-1-23 inf out of camp hovey. 1974-1975 made many trips out at all hours and always the worst weather.nerves at high alert.night time, the time when it always seems to happen?!. am i wrong????.

  6. I was stationed with 2ID on RC#4 in Sonyuri August 1982 – August 1983, with 2-61ADA. I returned in 1990 – 1992, stationed at Camp Stanton, D 55 ADA. I returned in October 1992 as a civilian, been here ever since, working as a contractor and for MWR as IT support.

  7. I served three tours in S. Korea. My first assignment was C Co, 1/38 Inf, 2nd ID stationed at Cp Custer/Cp Dodge, 1970/71—Cp Liberty Bell, 1974/75—Cp Casey 1984/85 as a Military Club Mgr. Still have some memories that will hang around for the rest of my life.

  8. I was stationed 84 to 85 in Sonyuri with Charles Battery ” Cheap Charlie” 2nd 17FA. We rotated up to 4 Pappa 3 and served as a live fire ready unit with our 155 towed Howitzers. 10 seconds by air from North Korea

  9. I was with CSC Recon plt 1st Bal. 9th Inf. Camp Greaves.
    March 1981- March 1982
    Was on guard post callier for the pfc white incident.

  10. Bob,
    Completed app coming your way. 2ID 1976-1977. HHB 1/38TH FA CP Stanley? Any other OP Paul Bunyan soldiers in the Assoc.?

  11. I served in Korea 1984-85 C -Btry 2-61 ADA Stinger platoon. I didn’t know that any soldier completed a tour was awarded the Korean National Defense Service Medal and the Expedition award. How do I receive these awards?

  12. Looking for members of B Btry Motor Pool serving at Camp Snow 1/12th Arty

    I enjoyed being the clerk in the Motor Pool.

  13. I was in Korea Camp Hovey B co. 1/9 INF. 76-77. Spent over 40 dayson OP Omelette. Ran over 30 night ambush patrols. Retired 2000.

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