Passing of “Gun Fighter”

Former division CG, LTG Henry E. “Hank” Emerson, died last week at age 89. 

Of all the division CG’s, Emerson is probably the most remembered.  Over the years, veterans have posted numerous stories about “The Gunfighter” and his “Pro-Life” program which included “combat football” games on the 2ID Association official Facebook group and the many other 2ID and Korea DMZ social media sites on the Net. 

There is also a chapter in the Colin Powell (who is a life member of the association) bio in which Secretary Powell writes about his time serving as a battalion commander under LTG Emerson in the 2ID.

4 thoughts on “Passing of “Gun Fighter”

  1. I served under General Emerson while assigned to the 1/31st Inf, 2nd ID at Camp Greaves in Korea in 1974-75. All the troops loved this man. He was a great leader. RIP Sir. You were Second to None!

  2. I remember several stories about “Gunfighter” during his time in Korea. His trip to the DMZ when he first arrived. The buzzing by AF planes from Japan at his “get to know him” speech in the ‘bowl’ at Casey. The cold day he showed up at the AG’s Office after telling everyone to conserve fuel for heat, to be met by our glowing red stove. When he ‘crashed’ my birthday party at one of those outdoor festivals he threw for the natives. Or the time he came into the JAG Office (where I was temporary) yelling to “meet the soldier that did this report.”

  3. The Gunfighter was my CG in Korea 74-75. I was attached to Bravo Company 2nd Engineers . We went to Third Brigade Camp Howze where he talked to us. I will always remember him saying “Were not going to lose a single one of you, will nuke the bastards.” We all went crazy and cheered. He was a soldier’s general for sure!

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