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Individual scholarship awards will be made annually from Association Scholarship funds to provide assistance to most serving applicants who are:

a.       Children or grand children of members of the Association and who have been members in good standing for three or more consecutive years and those step children who can be claimed as a dependent on an Association member’s federal income tax return.

b.      Children or grand children of men or women killed in action while serving with the 2nd Division.

c.       Application must be submitted to National Headquarters no later than 1 June of the year for which they wish to attend school.

The following must be included:

1.      Personal letter from applicant giving reasons for the request and plans for the future.

2.      A transcript of high school credits through the first semester of the senior year to include rank in class and the most recent ACT or SAT college entrance test scores; or college transcript for the same period.

3.      A statement from applicable school principal attesting to the applicant’s character and involvement in extra-curricular activities.

4.      Two letters of recommendation from current teachers/professors concerning progress in current classes or subjects.

5.      A 200-300 word essay on subjects such as “What Being An American Means to Me,” “Why I Should Receive this Scholarship,” “What Significant Part of U.S. Army History has the Second Infantry Division Contributed,” etc.

6.      A statement from a parent or guardian on what financial support will be furnished applicant.

7.      A letter of acceptance from the institution selected by the applicant.

8.      A full-face head and shoulders photo of the applicant no larger than 4×5 inches.

9.      Type your application or print plainly with BLACK INK.

10.  If adopted, send proof of adoption.

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