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The Second (Indian Head) Division Association is the official organization of veterans who served in the 2nd Infantry Division of the U.S. Army. It represents those veterans who have served in the 2nd Infantry Division in four of our nation’s conflicts, as well as those who have served during peacetime, to include Korea on Freedom’s Frontier since 1965. Active membership is open to individuals who served or are serving with the Second Infantry Division and its attached units. Associate and Honorary memberships are also available. In addition to our active U.S. members, we have members from the Dutch and French battalions that were attached to the Second Infantry Division during combat operations, and Korean Augmentation to the United States Army (KATUSA) soldiers who served with the Second Infantry.

It is a non-profit, non-political association of former and present members of the 2nd Infantry Division that was formed in Bourmont, France in 1917. It is chartered in the State of Texas as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To perpetuate and memorialize the valiant acts and patriotic deeds of the members of the Second Infantry Division.

  • To promote and maintain friendships and camaraderie created by active service with the Second Infantry Division and its attached units.

  • To set examples of patriotism.

  • To pay homage to our honored dead.

  • To provide scholarships for qualified young men and women.

  • To support the active Second Infantry Division.

  • To provide services for and protect the interests of members, their dependents and survivors.

32 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I served with the 2nd in ’72 – ’73. I’m interested in becoming a member. Please forward me the necessary criteria and information.

    Thank you,
    Pfc Richard J. Camp
    HHC – 1/31st Inf. (M)
    Camp Greaves, ROK

  2. Good job, Bob. My sincere thanks and appreciation for the Association website. See you in Nebraska.

    Wally & Joyce Baxendale

  3. Sir,
    I was a proud member of thE 2ID IN 05′-06′ , 10′-12′ and I will be returning may of 2013 for my third tour. I have served with 4-7 CAV, 1-72 AR on the the penninsula. My father was also a member of the division in 50′-51′. He has since passed a year ago and I would like to join the association. I am a proud warrior and so was he. If you could send me the info it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    SGT Roger E. Davis

    1. Hello Roger,
      We are always looking for new members to join our 92 year old association of current and former 2 ID Warriors.
      Sorry to hear about your father passing. Anyone that ever wore the IH patch is a brother in arms!!!
      Contact me for more information on membership!
      Bob Haynes Secretary/Treasurer
      Secondto None!

    2. Hello SGT Davis,
      Thank you and your father for your service with the 2 ID! We are always looking for current and former 2 ID Warriors to join our 93 year old association. email me and I can send you a membership flyer. This blog does not allow me to post the membership flyer. But, the flyer is located under the tab ‘membership’ on our home page.

      Second to none!
      Bob Haynes

    3. Hello SGT Davis and thank you and your father for your service! Second to None!!!
      Please email me at 2idahq@comcast.net and I can email you our membership application flyer. Or look for the membership button on our web site 2ida.org

      Second to None!

      Bob Haynes
      Secretary/Treasurer 2 IDA

  4. I served with the 2nd ID in Korea from Feb 28, ’51 with K Co 38th IR to 14 Aug ’51 and then was transferred to Hq&Svc Co. 38th until 11 Dec ’51.

  5. Hello James,
    Most of our members are Korean War (1950-53) veterans. Many of them served with the 38th Inf. Regt.
    We are always looking for new 2 ID veterans for members! Contact me for more information.
    Bob Haynes Secretary/Treasurer
    Second to None!

  6. I served with 11 th eng. I corp. In 1967, was tdy with 2nd eng. Went to vietnam, in 1968 to 69 returned to korea in 70, was assigned to hhc, camp casey as oer clerk. Would like to join the 2nd Inf. Div. Association.

    1. Hello Milt,
      I was in Korea 1966-67 and served wih HHC 1/23rd Inf. Regt. and spent 12.5 months north of the Imjin River.

      Contact me at 2idahq@comcast.net or call at 224-225-1202 and I can get you the information for joing the 2 ID Association.

      Second to None!
      Bob Haynes

  7. I was with HQ & A 702 nd Maintenance battalion January 1986 to January 1987. U love my time in Korea and would like to go back to visit.

  8. Hi. I am not a former soldier that served with the unit but my father did during the Korean War. He passed away in 1976 when I was 12 yrs old. I would like to try to find out and communicate with his buddies when he served. I thought your community would help me do that. Can a family member sign up? If not is there any 2nd Inf Div association I could sign up with? My dad was John S Mullins. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  9. i served with A1-23 light infantryman 11B. 11C. as an f.o. and chief f.d.c. home was camp hovey .did lots of patroling lots of alerts. crossed the freedom bridge many times . anyone remember speaker hill?. SGT. mlchael benoit. 1974 – 1975. need a membership. packet please

  10. My name is Steven Bussell and finally after 30 yrs. a pin broke on my scout badge. I am glad that you offer them on the site so that I can replace my most valued “scare ’em” badge (more than the jump or air assault wings). I am waiting for the membership application to arrive so that I can become a part of this association.

    I served with:
    4 Plt, E Co.
    1/31 Inf (M)
    Camp Howze, ROK

  11. My name is Robert Webber and I served with the 2nd on the DMZ, Korea Nov. 1966 until Oct. 1967. I exited Korea Dec. 1967. I was a Imjin Scout.

  12. I was with 2-1 infantry when the stood up in 2007 and was looking to purchase an indian head flag if at all possible

  13. I was with the 2ID in 2/23 Inf Mech. in Korea on the DMZ, 1968-69. The 2ID patch is the coolest in the Army, I think. It’s the 2ID’s birthday this year. I hope to make it to the Great Midwest and or the National convention. Never saw myself getting involved with veterans organizations. It keeps this oldish vet going.

  14. Doing some family histories with a couple of cousins and our grandfather was one of the first 2nd Division soldiers in WW1. He was a hero. Thank you all for your service.

  15. 2nd Aviation Bn, C Company June 1987-88 Camp Casey, then moved to Camp Stanley around March 1988. Huey crew chief

  16. 2/17th FA/FO Camp Pelham attached B 1/9th 83/84 Imjin Scout.

    Anyone know how many Imjin Scout Badges were awarded?

    Keep Up The Fire!

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