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2ID-Shoulder Patch

The new format of the 2IDA web site permits all visitors to leave comments.The comments will not appear until approved.  This is because there are programs called BOTS which roam the internet and try to insert advertisements on pages where comments are allowed.

Feel free to write comments.  You may even want to post your own “looking for …” comments if you truly are looking for a buddy.

Advice?  don’t leave your real email address.  Instead do something people can read but BOTS may not understand like:

write to:  mike at this mail dot com.  Or, “Mike and the domain is google dot com”

Of course, you can put your real email address on but don’t be surprised if you start receiving junk email.

3 thoughts on “Your Comments

  1. I’m in the process of applying for VA benefits and need to remember some of the names of the bases along the DMZ. I was a Division Motor Messenger out of Camp Houze headquarters 2nd Inf Div. I traveled daily bringing top secret messages throughout 2nd Div. I need to remember some of my stops along the DMZ. It would help in my statement if I could name some bases up along the DMZ. I served in Korea from Feb 1968 through June 1969. If anyone could give me some names and locations of camps it would help my application process. If anyone has any ideas that would help please email me.

    Thank you

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